Good Reasons To Live In Moscow

Moscow with its dramatic history and volatile political past can be an exciting place to live. No-one can ever complain of being bored in the capital of Russia that offers an attractive lifestyle and an active social scene rich in arts and culture.

As one of Europe’s largest cities, finding the right accommodation amongst the roughly twelve million inhabitants can be challenging but there are many options to choose from including pre-revolutionary apartments with thick walls, high ceilings, and interesting architecture, and modern apartment blocks with hi-tech features and excellent facilities. Huge demand for housing makes accommodation very expensive and expats may be disappointed in the small size of apartments offered for their money.

There are activities to cater to every interest and many groups that welcome newcomers. Nightlife in Moscow is exciting with clubs, bars, restaurants and a plethora of theaters. The art galleries and museums are outstanding and there are many concerts and circuses as well as a Planetarium and Experimentarium for children. Heavy traffic can make it difficult to travel around the city but there is a metro system that is generally efficient, clean and safe.

As far as education goes a number of international schools offer excellent education as well as private Russian schools, however, demand outweighs supply which results in long waiting lists and very high fees. Schools are generally located outside the city and children whose parents live in the city have to travel some distance every day to attend school.

Although Moscow is beautiful in winter with blue skies and sunshine on the snow, the climate is fairly harsh. Lots of snow makes skiing and ice skating popular and in the winter playgrounds all over the city are turned into ice rinks. In the summer months, there are lakes, rivers, and beaches to visit in good weather although winter weather lasts for most of the year.